15 Scary Snacks to Prepare for the Kids (And Adults!) This Halloween

15 Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Snacks

If you really want to get into the spirit of Halloween this year then you have to make some scary treats to keep the kids happy. Spoonful.com have gotten into the spirit of this scary night and come up with some taste snacks, with photos and recipes included, for when the kids get a little peckish.

The Apple Bites are just great. Carefully sliced apples, with tiny slivers of almonds that are placed inside to look like jagged teeth… Good for kids age 6 and over. Or try the Snack-o’-Lantern, a healthy snack made out of a carved orange, with a fruit salad hidden inside. One of the other chilling delicacies is the Cheese Finger Food. Shaped like a severed finger, these are made out of a shaped strip of mozzarella string cheese, cream cheese and a tiny slice of green bell pepper for the green fingernail for that final chilling touch.

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15 Scary Snacks to Prepare for the Kids (And Adults!) This Halloween

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