Melts Fat Like Crazy: This Awesome Drink Guarantees Real Results

You are trying hard to get fit, but ain’t see the results coming? Numerous people have tried this awesome drink and reached their weight loss goal. Ingredients: You will need apple juice, ground chili pepper, lemon juice and lemon zest. With these ingredients you will boost your digestion and metabolism in a way that calories […]

3 Dip Variations for Sexy Arms (workout video)

3 Dip Variations for Sexy Arms with video. Check it out!

3 Easy Exercises To Minimize Stubborn Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the bane of many a woman who detests the way they look on their body. Caused by a lack of collagen under the skin following a period of stretching of the skin layers and then rapid weight reduction (obviously most common with pregnancy), then you can understand just how stretch marks appear. […]

Awesome Lower-Body Resistance Band Workout

Working out with a resistance band is very convenient as they weigh almost nothing, pack into your suitcase into a tiny space in the corner and you can use them in your hotel room, in the park or wherever you like to get that resistance workout in. Try the five different lower body workout positions […]

Top 10 Crazy Halloween Fitness Games

Are you ready yet to delight the kids with your Halloween “fitness” games? Yes, you read that right. Games designed to keep young kids active and busy so they never get bored on Halloween night. How about Pumpkin Bowling? Grab some empty plastic soda bottles for your bowling pins, fill them with uncooked rice or […]

15 Scary Snacks to Prepare for the Kids (And Adults!) This Halloween

If you really want to get into the spirit of Halloween this year then you have to make some scary treats to keep the kids happy. have gotten into the spirit of this scary night and come up with some taste snacks, with photos and recipes included, for when the kids get a little […]

Pushing Exercise To The Limit With Insanity Workout

Have you ever watched those boot camp videos or special ops training documentaries on the Military Channel and thought, “I could do that!”. Well if you have, then you enjoy a challenge. Outside the military, in the regular world, there are not so many physical challenges that compare to it. Until now. The Insanity Workout […]

Tips on Sporting Recovery & Injury Prevention

Guest Post by Track athletes strive for the best time, field athletes the best distance, and power lifters, the greatest possible weight. Increasing weight or decreasing time is the primary focus of overall training, and it can often be forgotten that this is literally the tip of the iceberg. You aim to break your […]

Top 5 Fastest and Safest Weight Loss Methods

Many different weight loss methods are stated as being the fastest method. But are they safe as well? Often this is not fully considered before recommending one method over another. Do bear in mind that at its purest level, fast weight loss is only possible with vigorous exercise routines combined with a diet that provides […]

The Zero Dollar Strength Training

We tend to make up a ton of excuses for why we cannot exercise. We don’t have time to exercise. We’re too tired. We don’t have the right equipment. Well here is a zero dollar resistance training which helps use your body’s own weight to your benefit and it costs nothing to get started. Start […]