The WORST Workout Of The Year

Is your cardio doing you some good or are you just burning daylight and making no weight loss progress at all? BioTrust are back with more medical research findings from 1998 and 2007 which highlighted that cardio exercise may not deliver the expected results. Diet seems to be the determining factor for weight loss, though […]

The Dirty Truth About Whey Protein

BioTrust offer their own information and recent findings from the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism which found that popular body building supplement, whey protein isolate, absorbs at a rate of about 8g/hour. It is also known that this type of protein must be absorbed within an hour and a half to have […]

Metabolism-Boosting Workout For Over 40

Feeling sluggish after 40? Believe me, you’re not the only one. Your metabolism is one of the tell tale reasons why this is so, slowing you down in more ways than one. Prevention Magazine has come up with some excellent fitness moves that will help get your metabolism moving once again. Many of the moves […]

Top 5 Exercise Myths for Adults Over 40

Are you over 40 and fear getting started with exercise? In this article from are some excellent myth busters which will blow away any preconceptions about getting into (or back into) exercise. It is a well known fact that both men and women lose muscle mass & strength gradually as we get into our 40s […]

Easy 10 Minute Workout for Busy Moms

Are you a really busy mom who fears that she’s not got the time to work out and cannot shed those extra few pounds? Well fear not, we have a brisk 10 minute work out just for you. Using a chair for at least a couple of the exercise positions (make sure it’s not one […]

30 Minute Own Body Weight Tabata Workout

When traveling or needing to exercise away from a gym, a new technique that is growing more popular is using your own body weight to add difficulty to your workouts. Not everyone stays in a posh hotel when traveling, and especially when staying over at your parent’s place, in their spare bedroom. Under either circumstance, […]

50 Motivating Reasons To Exercise Today

Motivation is the fuel necessary to keep the human engine running. Want 50 Reasons for Exercise Today? Christina from ChristinasFitness has wracked her brain and come up with fifty reasons to slide those feet into your sneakers and set off. We agree with almost all of the reasons too. Like stress relief, improving heart health, […]

How To Get Sexy Toned Legs Fast

If you’re willing to put a little bit of work in, here are 5 great tips to tone up those legs, to make the person of your desires turn their head. This series of exercises is performed with small dumbbells. But don’t go too heavy with the weights because that will widen the muscle fibers. […]

5 Successful Tummy Slimming Methods For 5 Tummy Types

Maybe you didn’t know, but there are at least five different tummy types for overweight ladies. The idea that all women have the same body type, can fit into the same clothes and make them look right is really a myth. A close examination of the currently popular A-list celebrities will tell you that they […]

15 Minute Sexy Summer Back & Chest Workout

Do you want to develop a terrific back and chest in just 15 minutes a day? How about a specific exercise routine designed just for these areas? Well we’ve found one for you. This is all about strength training to deliver more power, balance and frame robustness over time. Each exercise is performed by the […]