How to Spot FAKE “Extra Virgin” Olive Oil

Recently Consumer Reports revealed that approximately 20% of ALL olive oils are FAKE and have been mixed with other cheap oils, while still claiming to be 100% pure. Even worse is what the UC Davis Olive Center unveiled when they discovered that 73% of olive oils labeled as “extra virgin” (the best and most nutritious kind of olive […]

Top 10 Crazy Halloween Fitness Games

Are you ready yet to delight the kids with your Halloween “fitness” games? Yes, you read that right. Games designed to keep young kids active and busy so they never get bored on Halloween night. How about Pumpkin Bowling? Grab some empty plastic soda bottles for your bowling pins, fill them with uncooked rice or […]

Keys to Maintaining Healthy Habits on Your Vacation

Guest Post by Cole Millen Going on vacation gives you the chance to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body. Some people spend months preparing for vacation by dieting and exercising to look good in a new swimsuit or swim trunks. Enjoying yourself on a vacation getaway does not have to include leaving healthy habits […]

Tips on Sporting Recovery & Injury Prevention

Guest Post by Track athletes strive for the best time, field athletes the best distance, and power lifters, the greatest possible weight. Increasing weight or decreasing time is the primary focus of overall training, and it can often be forgotten that this is literally the tip of the iceberg. You aim to break your […]

How to Eating Through an Injury

When you have an injury, often your healthy diet gets put to one side. Try this 8-day alternative take on eating reasonably healthily when you’re recovering at home and need to minimize your food shopping. Don’t forget that if you cannot get around much, then you can always sign up to shop online at many […]

The Mediterranean Diet

Is the The Mediterranean Diet all it is cracked up to be? All sautéed vegetables and olive oil. The Journal of American Medical Association in a 10 year study concluded that sticking to a diet similar to one that is popular in the Med cuts the rate of death by up to 50 percent. Impressed […]

The WORST Workout Of The Year

Is your cardio doing you some good or are you just burning daylight and making no weight loss progress at all? BioTrust are back with more medical research findings from 1998 and 2007 which highlighted that cardio exercise may not deliver the expected results. Diet seems to be the determining factor for weight loss, though […]

Unusual 30-Second Weight Loss Tricks

Want to find some great weight loss tips that take under a minute? Fitbie has just the thing. Shelled pistachio nuts are a good one to keep the cravings down. The process of shelling the nuts before eating them keeps you busy and stops you from eating more. Also, try slicing your food which tricks […]

The Dirty Truth About Whey Protein

BioTrust offer their own information and recent findings from the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism which found that popular body building supplement, whey protein isolate, absorbs at a rate of about 8g/hour. It is also known that this type of protein must be absorbed within an hour and a half to have […]

12 Quick Tips to Improve Your Metabolism

Want to increase your metabolism? What does that even mean? It means to increase the speed with which your body burns calories. This then helps to burn fat once the recently consumed calories have been burned through. At I found some great quick tips to help boost your metabolic rate which will help to […]