Top 5 Exercise Myths for Adults Over 40

Are you over 40 and fear getting started with exercise? In this article from are some excellent myth busters which will blow away any preconceptions about getting into (or back into) exercise. It is a well known fact that both men and women lose muscle mass & strength gradually as we get into our 40s […]

8 Essential Tips for a Healthier Vacation

When planning your next vacation from your regular life, make sure you plan smartly and well. Thinking about how you plan for your health can ensure that you do not come back heavier than you left. A good amount of sightseeing should keep your walking around a lot, however if you hop into taxis or […]

Lose Saddle Bags Fat Successfully

One of the worst things to deal with for a woman is those saddle bags that sometimes grow on you gradually. Creeping up on your hips, thighs and butt, this excess of fat is as a result of hormonal changes as you age. Plus, if your grandmother or mother suffered from the same condition, then […]

50 Motivating Reasons To Exercise Today

Motivation is the fuel necessary to keep the human engine running. Want 50 Reasons for Exercise Today? Christina from ChristinasFitness has wracked her brain and come up with fifty reasons to slide those feet into your sneakers and set off. We agree with almost all of the reasons too. Like stress relief, improving heart health, […]

How To Get Sexy Toned Legs Fast

If you’re willing to put a little bit of work in, here are 5 great tips to tone up those legs, to make the person of your desires turn their head. This series of exercises is performed with small dumbbells. But don’t go too heavy with the weights because that will widen the muscle fibers. […]

3 Juicing Add-Ons That Will Make You Hot and Sexy

When juicing, it is a good idea to include a selection of herbs to provide improved balance and deliver specific health benefits. Coconut oil is one of those ingredients that provides a good fat to combat all the bad ones you might be consuming during the day. Contrary to what people think, the body still […]

5 Successful Tummy Slimming Methods For 5 Tummy Types

Maybe you didn’t know, but there are at least five different tummy types for overweight ladies. The idea that all women have the same body type, can fit into the same clothes and make them look right is really a myth. A close examination of the currently popular A-list celebrities will tell you that they […]

Top 8 Stress-Busting Foods

As our lives become more fast paced and hectic, our good eating habits can take a turn for the worst. In times of stress, we tend to revert back to base instincts and reach for all the wrong kinds of foods to soothe the stress away. Instead of doing this, be prepared in advance for […]

Perfect Low-Calorie French Fry Recipe

French fries are those delicious, crunchy treats that feel so good at the time, but fill many eager diners with dread later about the after effects of their greasy indulgence. Worry no more. Instead of having to avoid french fries in an effort to keep the calories down, simply make the switch to a more […]

DIY: Homemade Stevia, The Healthy Sweetener

Stevia is used as a sugar replacement and sweetener for drinks, cakes, and other products that benefit from a sweet boost. This helps people with a goal to lose weight because sugar is difficult to burn off with exercise and in quantity it can bad for the body. It is suspected that consumption of Stevia […]