Keys to Maintaining Healthy Habits on Your Vacation

Guest Post by Cole Millen Going on vacation gives you the chance to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body. Some people spend months preparing for vacation by dieting and exercising to look good in a new swimsuit or swim trunks. Enjoying yourself on a vacation getaway does not have to include leaving healthy habits […]

The WORST Workout Of The Year

Is your cardio doing you some good or are you just burning daylight and making no weight loss progress at all? BioTrust are back with more medical research findings from 1998 and 2007 which highlighted that cardio exercise may not deliver the expected results. Diet seems to be the determining factor for weight loss, though […]

8 Essential Tips for a Healthier Vacation

When planning your next vacation from your regular life, make sure you plan smartly and well. Thinking about how you plan for your health can ensure that you do not come back heavier than you left. A good amount of sightseeing should keep your walking around a lot, however if you hop into taxis or […]

How To Get Sexy Toned Legs Fast

If you’re willing to put a little bit of work in, here are 5 great tips to tone up those legs, to make the person of your desires turn their head. This series of exercises is performed with small dumbbells. But don’t go too heavy with the weights because that will widen the muscle fibers. […]

In-Depth Guide On How To Get Fit Over 40

Fitness for the over 40s is a tough hurdle. Most advice online is aimed either at the super fit or the twenty-somethings. For a change of pace, here is a highly informative, detailed article targeting men and women over 40 who wish to get in shape and maintain their muscle mass for strength (muscle breaks […]

21 DIY Gym Equipment Projects to Make at Home

Finding it hard to scrape together the money for a gym membership? Don’t let that stop you! Here we have a list of 21 Do It Yourself projects to create your own gym equipment. And they’re easy to make too. Short a couple of dumbbells? Try two empty water bottles, fill them with water (or […]

DIY Beauty Trick to Get Rid of Cellulite

Have you heard of cellulite dry brushing? There is no quick cure against cellulite and often it can be hard to get rid of once you do have it. One technique that has been proven effective is using a cellulite dry brush. By massaging the skin with a brush you will circulate blood flow, which […]

Make Your Skin Naturally Glow

This time I’m sharing this natural DIY skin improving recipe I found last year. It’s worked wonders for me, my skin is super smooth and feels great (by the way: don’t forget to like us in Facebook, cause I have many more goodies in my pocket)! For the best results, click the link below and […]

Get Rid of Cellulite Fast and Naturally

Unfortunately almost every woman have cellulite at some point of her life. I must admit I’m no exception to that. The other day I was searching for natural ways to get rid of cellulite when I stumbled upon a nice article which I would like to share with you now. I hope it helps you […]

Let’s Get Motivated in Just 10 Minutes or Less!

There are special times in the year when you make promises to yourself to live a healthier life, go to gym and so on… These times the gyms are full, but a few weeks later your motivation flies away and many people return to their old bad habits and give up. What can you do to avoid […]