Top 5 Superfood Smoothies For Health And Vibrancy

Guest post by Corey Walden Good nutrition can be hard to get in our busy modern lives, especially when the best healthy foods require cooking which means time and ingredients! However, getting great nutrients while having fantastic flavor can be easy by injecting vitality into your day and your life with these fantastic smoothies.  There […]

2 Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Kids Love

Trying to find a healthy smoothie for the kids instead of the store bought sugar-filled “healthy” smoothie that they complain about? Try these kid-friendly smoothie recipes instead. There are fun flavors: Fresh Cherry or Banana Blueberry. Both of these smoothies are great tasting, healthy snacks. Sugar ingredients can also be swapped out for sugar equivalent […]

Top 15 Smoothie Recipes for Naturally Beautiful Skin

What not every women knows is that if we take care of our bodies on the inside, this goes a long way to taking care of ourselves on the outside too. This is especially true when it comes to our skin. Nourishing our body with the right foods, vitamins and nutrients is essential. Here are […]

Top 10 Metabolism Booster Smoothies and Drinks

Give your metabolism a boost, while bringing a satisfied smile to your face. Ten of the best smoothie recipes will have you pulling out the blender to encourage your body to burn fat quicker by boosting your metabolic rate. The pink shade of the raspberry and coconut smoothie will have you tempted. The tropical treat […]

63 Healthy & Delicious LOW-CARB recipes

I wanted to share with you a fantastic low-carb cookbook with 63(!) mouth-watering recipes to try out. Diabetic Connect have assembled together a stunning collection of their best recipes for diabetics who need to regulate their intake, but these are also perfect for healthy eaters who are looking for new ideas. With only 10 grams […]

Fat Burning Banana-Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Let’s make a Banana, Kiwi and Strawberry Smoothie today for that fat burning  kick-start. A tall glass of strawberry-colored goodness is just waiting to be created and enjoyed. We have a complete list of easy ingredients and real simple instructions to blend a killer smoothie that will make all your girlfriends jealous back in the […]

14+1 Easy to Make Delicious Smoothies That Burn Fat Naturally

If you are like me, you love smoothies. You can never have enough of it. Smoothies taste like heaven, it’s easy to make, and today I bring you 14+1 smoothie recipes that can help you burn your unwanted body fat. To find out how to make them, click the link below… 15 Fat Burning Smoothies