DIY: Make Your Own Cellulite Body Scrub

Make Your Own Cellulite Body Scrub

Cellulite – that bane of many women’s existence. Cellulite derives from fibers that are pushed against fatty areas, which causes fluid to build up. Fat cells expand with this fluid build-up which creates the tell-tale bumpy skin tone we all dislike and hope no one else notices. To tackle this problem, we’re employing help in the areas focused on improving blood flow, better circulation and removal of damaging free radicals. This is done through the application of a special mixture including coffee, olive oil, glycerin (yes, really) and Vitamin E Oil. Each component plays a part in helping improve the skin in the troubled area and gradually encouraging the eradication of cellulite. Try it and see.

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To see how to make your own cellulite body scrub, click the link below…

Make Your Own Cellulite Body Scrub

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