Home Made Healthy Electrolyte Energy Drink

Home Made Healthy Electrolyte Energy Drink

Electrolytes are vital to the normal functioning of the body. From being able to contract the heart muscle to wiggling your big toe, a whole bunch of electrolytes are needed. When you exercise, these are released through your pores as you sweat. If you sweat too much, you could run light. Instead of buying one of those colorful, overly-sweetened sport energy drinks after a work-out, try a homemade energy drink instead. EverydayRoots.com has three different ones to choose from: Lay-Low, Bright ‘n Early or Sweet & Smooth-ie. Which one do you fancy?

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For the full instructions on how to make the Healthy Electrolyte Energy Drink, click the link below…

Home Made Healthy Electrolyte Energy Drink

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