Keys to Maintaining Healthy Habits on Your Vacation

Keys to Maintaining Healthy Habits on Your Vacation

Guest Post by Cole Millen

Going on vacation gives you the chance to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body. Some people spend months preparing for vacation by dieting and exercising to look good in a new swimsuit or swim trunks. Enjoying yourself on a vacation getaway does not have to include leaving healthy habits behind or over-indulging in rich foods.

Keep these tips in mind so that the only extra pounds you bring home will be the souvenirs in your luggage!

Before you leave, shop for snacks for the trip. Select options like trail mix, popcorn, nuts, seeds, granola bars, fruit and sliced vegetables. This will help you avoid the temptations of vending machines and having to settle for whatever is offered on the plane. It will also provide you with healthy snacks to satisfy cravings during your vacation. At the airport, take the stairs instead of the escalators. If you have extra time between connections, use it for an impromptu exercise session by walking around the airport.

Choosing a health-friendly hotel will go a long way towards helping you maintain your regimen while on vacation. Many hotels have fitness centers with all the equipment you need to continue your normal workouts. Call ahead to make sure your room will have a refrigerator to store food items, and check their policy on small appliance use. You may want to bring along a small crock-pot or use hot water from a coffee maker to prepare your own healthy meals. The proximity of a health food store or fresh market should also be considered. All these aspects are extremely difficult to determine without a little research. I recently took a trip down south and found a great site that listed consumer reviews on all different aspects. I was able to pull up a list of hotels in Miami and read reviews regarding the hotels, restaurants, and things to do in the area. Information like this is pivotal to ensure that you come back with the beach body that you left with.

When you check into your hotel, refuse the key to the mini bar. Take a few moments before you hit the beach or dive into the pool to do research to find out what dining options are available. If possible, review menus and call a few restaurants that interest you to check how foods are prepared and their policy on special requests. Look for restaurants that use local products; locally sourced generally equals fresher with more nutrients

At restaurants, choose food that is grilled, broiled, roasted, steamed or baked. Avoid extra calories by not eating the skin on meats and saying no to cream sauces. Colorful vegetables are lower in calories and more nutritious than bland colored foods. If there is a dish you just have to try, go on and order it, and share it. Splitting a dish or sharing a couple of dishes allows you to indulge yourself and enjoy the cuisine without feeling guilty; a big part of a vacation is having experiences you can’t get at home. Sharing entrees also leaves calorie-count room for a shared dessert or a cocktail. Finishing the evening with a walk on the beach or around the hotel property will help burn some of those calories.

Avoiding weight gain and maintaining a diet and exercise plan is possible while enjoying a vacation. Planning ahead and being aware of options will help you have a great time while sticking to your health and nutrition goals.

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