Pushing Exercise To The Limit With Insanity Workout

Pushing Exercise To The Limit With Insanity Workout

Have you ever watched those boot camp videos or special ops training documentaries on the Military Channel and thought, “I could do that!”. Well if you have, then you enjoy a challenge. Outside the military, in the regular world, there are not so many physical challenges that compare to it. Until now.

The Insanity Workout was created by Shaun Blokker as a way to create the ultimate workout that delivers results in 60 days, which would normally take a year to deliver. The official slogan of the Insanity organization is the “60 Day Total Body Conditioning Program”.

Typically with interval training, a fitness trainer is aiming to bring clients up to their peak effective heart rate while exercising, and then bring them back down again. The intervals are mostly slow, with small periods of maximum exertion. The Insanity Workout flips that idea completely on its head.

Insanity Routines

The goal of exercising with Insanity is to workout to your maximum capacity with every exercise, doing as many reps as you can before you are spent. Max interval training at its toughest.

The Insanity Workout is actually broken down into a series of different types of exercises:

  • Pure Cardio – Killer cardio for faster fat burn.
  • Plometric Cardio Circuit – For explosive low body power & strengthening.
  • Sports Drills – For improved speed, agility and recovery.
  • Resistance Training – For upper body sculptured look (body weight exercises).
  • Core Exercises – For 6-pack abs.

These exercises can all be performed on a mat at home. Many of the exercises themselves will be familiar, it is just the sequence and the fact that they are performed very fast, with high intensity, for as long as you possibly can with little recovery time, which is what has the impact on calorie burn per hour.

The schedule of exercise from the official organization suggests a fitness test to begin with, followed by a 6-day routine which fits in several of the exercises mentioned like Pure Cardio, Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Recovery and Core Cardio & Balance. Near the end of each month, the routine reverts to only Core Cardio & Balance in order to let participants’ bodies recovery and every Sunday is a rest day for the same reason.

Home Gym

Insanity has been designed to be done at home, not at a gym. This makes it more cost effective than paying for monthly gym membership. A gym mat and some workout clothes would be useful, but no other gear like dumbbell weights are required.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Insanity is on a level with P90X when it comes to pure intensity. For those that are seriously overweight or do not perform any form of regular exercise, then the Insanity Workout will almost certainly be too intense. You will need to work up to being flexible and agile enough, as well as develop more endurance, to perform the exercises. Alternatively, you can seriously modify the routines to make them less difficult to perform.

It is important to keep your heart rate at an optimal level for healthy exercising aerobically, rather than pushing it too hard and moving towards exercising anaerobically which would be unhealthy. Depending on your current level of fitness, you need to exercise within the limits of what you can do in order to exercise safely. As the creator of the Insanity Workout has stated on a number of occasions, their fitness routine is not for everyone.

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