Quick and Healthy Home Made Naturally Flavored Water

Quick and Healthy Home Made Naturally Flavored Water

Check out these naturally flavored water drinks that are easy to prepare and store in the refrigerator for later. Infusing water with different pickings of fruits and aromatic herbs gives a varied, refreshing flavored water drink that is entirely original and not found on any supermarket shelves. Raspberry Lime, Watermelon Rosemary, Blackberry Sage and Pineapple Mint are just some of the mouth-watering, unusual concoctions that are possible. Store prepared waters in convenient mason jars or plastic water bottles. With only 6-9 easy steps explained in photos, a small selection of easy to find ingredients, and a little bit of time, you can create deliciously refreshing flavored water drinks to enjoy.

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Quick and Healthy Home Made Naturally Flavored Water

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