Guilt-Free Fizz

When wanting to get away from drinking water all day and missing the fizz from soda pop, wouldn’t it be a great idea to create some interesting fizzy drinks of your own? The calories in most soda drinks comes from the added sugar which kicks up the calories count considerably. This is why the zero […]

Sparkling Strawberry-Mint Limeade Cocktail

For the ultimate in luxury exuberance in a glass, try this sparkling strawberry mint limeade with champagne. A summer cocktail that is good at any time of the year (as long as you can buy the strawberries out of season where you live) and ideal when you’re with the girlfriends preparing for a night out […]

14+1 Easy to Make Delicious Smoothies That Burn Fat Naturally

If you are like me, you love smoothies. You can never have enough of it. Smoothies taste like heaven, it’s easy to make, and today I bring you 14+1 smoothie recipes that can help you burn your unwanted body fat. To find out how to make them, click the link below… 15 Fat Burning Smoothies