18 Natural Organic Skin Care DIY Home Made Beauty Recipes For Healthy Skin And Hair

If you like to experiment with organic skin care ingredients to create some unusual combinations, then this one is for you. DIY natural bath and beauty solutions can be made from simple ingredients that are easy to obtain. In this article, the blogger brought together a collection of 18 of the best organic recipes for […]

Skin-Softening Cafee Body Scrub

Skip the expensive Spa and instead try this luxury Spa treatment straight from Thailand. Based on the rich smell of coffee beans, vanilla and peppermint, the aroma will be soothing and relaxing. Sugar crystals and olive oil help to exfoliate the skin, cleaning the pores and revitalizing the skin. The body scrub is also useful […]

Top 15 Smoothie Recipes for Naturally Beautiful Skin

What not every women knows is that if we take care of our bodies on the inside, this goes a long way to taking care of ourselves on the outside too. This is especially true when it comes to our skin. Nourishing our body with the right foods, vitamins and nutrients is essential. Here are […]