Top 5 Fastest and Safest Weight Loss Methods

Many different weight loss methods are stated as being the fastest method. But are they safe as well? Often this is not fully considered before recommending one method over another.

Top 5 Fastest and Safest Weight Loss Methods

Do bear in mind that at its purest level, fast weight loss is only possible with vigorous exercise routines combined with a diet that provides the right proteins & other nutrients while reducing empty calories from overly fatty foods. Eating more sensibly and moving more, in essence, is what is required to lose weight. The more time and effort you put into both these areas directly affects how fast you see results.

The flip side of this is that depending on your current level of fitness, you will only be able to handle a certain level of intense activity before your heart rate reaches a level where it is unhealthy to continue. This level of activity is different for each person. As regular exercise is undertaken, the fitness level improves, as does your resting heart rate. Your heart rate will also rise more slowly once you have a greater level of fitness, which allows for a greater level of intensity in your workouts.

Once you understand these limitations, you can appreciate that we can recommend the most intense workouts to burn more calories faster, but it is up to you to determine your own current limits in order to exercise safely as well. You may have to walk before you can run and run before you can go to an intense level.

Here is my rundown of the top 5 fastest and safest weight loss methods to help you lose weight.


Start with walking. Anyone from a 400 lb, 50 year old man to that skinny young thing can put one tentative foot in front of another and repeat that for a few minutes.

Why is this important? Because we’ve gotten lazy as a populace. We take the car, the taxi or grab a lift from a friend rather than walk to the store. “Walk three blocks to Walmart? You’ve got to be joking,” they cry.

From walking regularly which helps to stretch out our legs, we can move up to power walking which burns more calories, and then eventually to running. By moving up gradually in this way, you reduce the risk of injury and do not overdo it with too much enthusiasm and too little real-world fitness on the first day. Going from walking up to running ensures that this activity will lead to safe weight loss.

Running is an activity that can be done without specific equipment, in many locations and depending on how fast you jog, you could burn up to 500 calories an hour.


CrossFit is a strength and conditioning training that was first used by the military but moved over to the mainstream recently.

The idea behind CrossFit is high intensity bursts, rather than slow and steady. In order to perform this safety, it is critical that you stretch and warm up slowly first. If you have any medical issues, you are seriously overweight or unfit, then you will need to work up to the rigorous level of exercise required.

The CrossFit routines include a combination of aerobic exercise to burn calories, body weight training to develop strong legs & tighter abs, lifting weights to build increased muscle strength and even some gymnastics if you’re able.

Zumba Fitness

Zumba is based around the idea of dancing your way to weight loss success. It is an excellent form of workout because it gets your whole body moving constantly, it’s fun and it can burn upwards of 560 calories for a one hour workout (though typical classes run for 38 minutes).


P90X is a home-based exercise program for a 90 day period, six days a week. The focus is on cross-training using a mix of martial arts, yoga, calisthenics, and weight training. This is done in conjunction with a strict dietary plan and daily supplements. Participants report great results, but it does require a good level of fitness going into it as the intensive level if high.

Insanity Workout

The Insanity Workout is another home-based exercise program for a 60 day period, six days per week with one day of rest. Insanity relies on participants exercising with as many reps as they can manage in succession, rather than stopping after a set number. The exercises including pure cardio, pylometric cardio circuit training, sports drills (maybe like you did back in school), some body weight resistance training, and some core exercises to build up those abs. Insanity is highly effective, but it is also extremely intense, so one should be extremely sure about their level of health & fitness before starting the Insanity program.

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